Grand Final Long Weekend Hours


Clinic Hours as follows:

Friday 29/9 Grand Final Day – CLINIC CLOSED

Saturday 30/9 – CLINIC CLOSED

Sunday 1/10 – CLINIC CLOSED

Monday 2/10 Clinic hours resume as normal

Clinic Hours Changing While Dr John Croatto is away

Dear Patients our clinic hours will vary while Dr John Croatto is on leave.

Please remember you can call the clinic from 8am to make an appointment

Hours are as follows:

Monday 18/9      9am-5pm

Tuesday  19/9   9am-6pm

Wednesday  20/9   9am – 6pm

Thursday  21/9    9am-6pm

Friday   22/9   9am-5pm

Monday 25/9  9am-5pm

Tuesday 26/9  9am-6pm

Wednesday 27/9 9am-4.30pm

Thursday 28/9   9am-5pm

Friday 29/9 Grand Final Day clinic will be closed

Monday 2/10  9am-5pm

Tuesday  3/10  9am-5pm

Wednesday 4/10  9am-5pm

Thursday 5/10  9am-5pm

Friday 6/10  9am-5pm